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Learning to let go: Part 1

Letting go can be scary, especially when you don’t know what's gonna happen once you do. However, letting go of bad habits, toxic relationships, and unhealthy practices are necessary for your personal growth. In order for anyone to be fully tapped into their higher selves and prepared to take life to the next level, there needs to be a cleansing of EVERYTHING that bears no positive contribution for these things will only weigh a person down on their path to success. With that being said this post will be the first in a three part series intended to help you take control of your life by breaking the physical, mental, and emotional barriers keeping you from letting go. So let's get into it:

Physical: Letting go of Objects

To some people letting go of physical objects is the easiest form of letting go because once something has been physically thrown out people usually don't rummage through the trash to get it back . Getting rid of physical objects that you no longer need or use can be essential to your growth by allowing you to say goodbye to things that are either linked to bad habits or simply take up unnecessary space. Doing so allows you to make room for things that better represent who you are / hope to become. As we grow in ourselves we begin to realize that certain things that we once loved (clothes, foods, objects) don't align with our new values and that’s okay! Cleansing your life requires removing the things we grow out of in order to make room for things that resonate with our current selves.

But this isn't always so easy. Getting rid of things can be hard! Especially when you have emotional attachments to these things. However, once you do get rid of that thing you most likely won't miss it as much as you thought you would.

For example, I had this pair of jeans that did not fit at all they were a size 4 and I was a approaching a size 10. Because I had this pair of jeans for so long and I was so concerned about moving up to double digits I would still squeeze into them, which was soo uncomfortable. I would make a bunch of excuses as to why I had to keep the jeans "they don't make this style anymore" or "they're my only pair of dark wash jeans"; but all along I knew the truth, I knew that I put myself through all of this because I was afraid of change and I was afraid of not fitting the standard.

So one day I decided to let go of that pair of jeans and order a new pair, similar style, but a size 10. When they arrived I tried them on and as you would expect they were a perfect fit. Not only were they wayyy more comfortable but they were more flattering on my new body. I wouldn’t have gotten these new jeans and improved my quality of life had I not let go of the jeans that were holding me back. To this day I still have my "new" jeans, and I rarely ever think about the jeans that I gave up! Letting go is hard I'm not gonna lie, but when you do learn to let go, life gets so much easier! And don’t look at the things you let go of as 'losses' instead look at them as objects that you chose to give up in order to better yourself.

Letting go of physical objects also ties into the importance of your space (which we'll cover in detail in another post), but to touch briefly on this; the environment that you're in will dictate your level of productivity, mood, and perception. So when you create a positive space for yourself by getting rid of objects that influence negative practices, conjure up negative emotions, and don’t align with your values, you will live a life that is calm and encourages your productivity.

This week I challenge you to let go of one physical object that has reached its expiration date in your life!

Next we will talk about the mental aspect of letting go. I hope you're as excited as I am!

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